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Bug#264774: Giving this away. Bug#391816: marked as done (qa: links to buildd logs should point to build.cgi or pkg.cgi) Bug#460983: marked as done (PTS: Please link to Security Tracker) Bug#460983: PTS: Please link to Security Tracker Bug#469214: marked as done (DDPO: Please link to the build.cgi script instead of build.php) Bug#495482: marked as done (Minor Debcheck patch: Availability state) Bug#511303: marked as done (ddpo: invalid link built for multiple package versions in NEW) Bug#520051: marked as done (PTS: please integrate with, and warn when there are known unfixed security issues from the security tracker) Bug#521048: marked as done ( multiple version of packages in NEW handled incorrectly) Bug#537519: popcon tables again not updated Bug#538440: non-ascii characters in uploader name are displayed incorrectly Bug#540863: marked as done (ddpo: multiple versions in NEW break links) Bug#541081: marked as done ( displays non-existing versions of dbus) Bug#543526: marked as done ( UDD has empty 'origin' field for debian packages) Bug#543711: marked as done (devscripts: redirection url's does not work as documented) Bug#544247: marked as done (devscripts: redirector seems not to work after sourceforge reorg) Bug#545428: PTS: "bugs count" is incorrect English Bug#545785: PTS: lintian link issues Bug#546664: DDPO doesn't show bugs on the source package? Bug#546676: Stale bug data on QA page Bug#546676: The same problem occurs in the PTS Bug#547787: RM: bk2site ; Unmaintained Bug#547883: marked as done ( UDD : error on recreation from dump) Bug#547883: UDD : error on recreation from dump Bug#548009: isn't updated for a while Bug#548194: Don't show mentor version if its older than latest package Bug#548427: Links to examples on give 404 Bug#548602: marked as done (PTS: typo: "introduces news bugs") Bug#548602: PTS: typo: "introduces news bugs" Bug#548660: RM: flying ; Unmaintained Bug#549114: PTS: please link to backports buildd status Bug#549115: PTS: please also display versions Bug#85392 closed by Daniel Leidert (dale) <> (Bug#490716: fixed in docbook5-xml 5.0-1) Re: First working prototype - Was: Re: Triplification of bugs in UDD Help with watch file Inquiry for Products Potentially abandoned packages Processed: closing 380631 Processed: Giving this away. Processed: Re: Bug#548009: isn't updated for a while Processed: Re: PTS: Please link to Security Tracker Processed: retitle 498313 to [PTS] please link to removal of package replicator testing of init scripts (Re: Switching the default startup method xfonts-wqy The last update was on 06:36 GMT Thu May 30. There are 72 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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