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Bug#548427: qa.debian.org: Links to examples on udd.debian.org give 404

On Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 11:51:15AM +0200, Runa Sandvik wrote:

> I am not completely sure if qa.debian.org is the correct place to
> report this, but all the links to the examples on udd.debian.org give
> 404.

qa.debian.org sounds like the right place to me.

I had a look among the UDD files. Apparently, those CGIs have been moved
from cgi-bin/ to cgi-bin/attic/

Adding /attic/ to the URL they still work:
but "attic/" sounds to me like someone had the intention of deleting
them instead.

I could fix the home page adding attic/ to the links (?), or removing
the links, but I don't know the rationale behind that move, so I'll now
stay in standby waiting for input from whoever knows the plan.



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