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Re: Orphaned packages with very low popcon numbers

On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 10:03:42PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> writes:

On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 10:55:32AM -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
But a bulk "anything that is orphaned and has a low popcon number must
be useless" is incorrect.

You've made this assertion several times, it's still

Wow, and yet you agree with it:

No, what is unsubstantiated is your characterization of what is happening. One of things that happens *every time* this sort of discussion comes up is that someone starts creating straw men along the lines of "what if some important package gets removed because of some arbitrary criteria; it would be horrible, so we should complain a lot about the criteria and then do nothing". And yet, a list of packages was generated and comments about the list were solicitied. If the arbitrary criteria were used to silently and automatically remove packages then the "every package is sacred" crowd would have a leg to stand on with that line of reasoning--as it is, it's silly.

Mike Stone

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