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Re: Orphaned packages with very low popcon numbers

Hi Nathanael!

You wrote:

> "Very low" is defined as less than 20 installations.  Votes are noted only for
> packages which aren't "no files".
> With 13184 installations reporting to popcon, 20 installations represents
> less than one installation in 500.
> I think all of these are candidates for removal.  I haven't checked whether any of
> them are ITAed at this point though.
> Would it be considered OK to go through and start filing removal requests for those which
> (a) aren't ITAed, and 
> (b) have been orphaned for more than, say, three months
> (c) don't have some special reason why popcon would be unrepresentative
> (d) don't have any other special reasons to stay in Debian

Well, as long as there are no RC bugs, and the packages are in testing,
I really see no need to remove them.  Even if only a few people use the
package, why annoy them by removing it from Debian?

Kind regards,
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