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Re: Idea for maintaining packages up for adoption

Rich Walker <rw@shadow.org.uk> writes:
> Benjamin Bayart <bayartb@edgard.fdn.fr> writes:

>> and almost each time with the right patch. But I maintain, for my own
>> use, a very large bunch of software pieces. One of those is dvidvi: I
>> use a "customised" debian package, which includes the various patches I
>> needed to make it work properly with modern TeX documents. I would
>> prefere it to be a "real" debian package, available to the other users.

> So these patches[1] are in the BTS?

There don't appear to be at the moment -- I should have checked before
making the offer to maintain the package sufficiently to apply them.  :)

Benjamin, if you want to see dvidvi continue to stay in the archive, could
you submit those patches to the BTS (preferrably as one bug per issue with
an included patch for that issue)?  Marc gratiously volunteered to sponsor
QA package uploads of that sort, and I'm willing to do the work of
preparing the package if the patches are there to look over.  I don't,
however, care enough about dvidvi personally to try to work on it without
patches or at least clear bug reports already available.

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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