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Re: Idea for maintaining packages up for adoption


This is kinda off-topic, but

>>>>> In <1121158946.5374.104.camel@pianobar.home.ouaza.com> 
>>>>>	Raphael Hertzog <raphael@ouaza.com> wrote:

> I discussed this with Benjamin Bayart who is a TeX expert and gave
> me some examples concerning some small packages like "dvi2dvi". He's
> not willing to go through NM to become a Debian Maintainer because
> that's too much hassle just for maintaining one or two little
> packages like this one. The bulk work for those packages has been
> done and they're mostly in "maintenance mode"... they don't
> represent too much work.  In the end, we decided to remove several
> packages he's using because we couldn't find a maintainer for them.

> The problem is then : we have knowledgeable people willing to help
> but we don't have a Debian maintainer for them. Benjamin sent
> several patchs in the BTS and they are still there... waiting to be
> applied.

I'm the maintainer of package dvi2dvi, and AFAIK have never got any
bug reports from Benjamin.  And it's not orphaned or RFAed, either.
Aren't you talking about different package?

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