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Re: [PROPOSAL] Official QA-Section on Debian-Homepage? Adopting xanim (non-free, boo hiss) Bug#10975: electric-fence: mprotect() failed: Invalid argument Bug#20669: marked as done (xanim: displays banner and registers as MIME viewer) Bug#25910: marked as done (xanim: source includes cinepak, etc modules) Bug#26051: marked as done (xanim: Warning messages about install-mime when installing xanim) Bug#26073: marked as done (xanim: still uses install-mime instead of update-mime) Bug#33185: marked as done (electric-fence: Forward shared lib suggestion.) Bug#33974: marked as done (xwe deletes files on mounted DOS drives) Bug#37485: marked as done (gnotes_1.10-1(unstable): doesn't compile with gtk1.2) Bug#38784: tkman: does not work Bug#38799: there's a missing dependency Bug#39166: application/mac-binhex40 mailcap handler doesn't do the right thing Bug#39765: [ Re: license check] Bug#39765: sniffit license Bug#39765: sniffit: different copyright notices in README.FIRST and copyright Bug#40511: wily: Broken links in documentation Re: cdwrite 2.1 is not out there Re: Debian QA Group and orphaned install-mime versus update-mime Re: NMU of sniffit Processed: Processed: close Processed: Fixed in NMU electric-fence 2.1-1 Processed: merge Re: Quality Assurance Group mini-policy Re: Release critical bugs and QA sniffit tcs & wily This is already fixed Web Page Re: working on cucipop? Re: wpe/xwpe issue Xwpe deletes files on mounted DOS drives The last update was on 08:25 GMT Thu May 09. There are 73 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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