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Re: [PROPOSAL] Official QA-Section on Debian-Homepage?

I believe this is a good idea in general.  QA should be more emphasized
and should be more present at our web pages.  However, its presence at
the web is useless if it won't be worked on and won't be updated.  Thus
at least static information like our "rules" and members should be there.

So my main concern is, what updatable (sp?) information to you/we want to
place on the web and who will be responsible for them.

Torsten Landschoff wrote:
> As the quality assurance slowly gains speed I think we should make a "real"
> section for it on our homepage and make a link there. Currently there are some
> resources for QA but this is only known to few people.
> For example there is a list of bugs older than 2 years (sic!) generated and
> maintained by Anthony Towns on www.debian.org/~ajt. It would be better to have
> this on our mirrors also. Also the release critical bugs (when we get to the
> potato release) and thinks like that could be moved there.

These can be done easily.  Since nobody objected yet, would you like to
talk to Gecko about this and tell us what he thinks?

> Would it be possible to create a "qa"-group at least on va and have a
> QA-directory hooked directly into the main html tree? This way the core
> members of qa all could update the info available there. If we all contribute
> only a tiny amount of work each day this would sum up fast I hope.

> I know this is badly worded - I am still fighting with my english skills.
> Comments?

Take English lessons at university.

> This is only posted to -qa first - I do not know who has to decide about
> something like this. 



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