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Re: Release critical bugs and QA

Torsten Landschoff wrote:
> Hi *, 
> As we are moving towards release of potato and we have a bunch of release
> critical bugs I think we (the qa-team) should put some work into it. I think,
> the best way to coordinate this, is a weekly meating on irc.debian.org. I
> propose we open a new channel #debian-qa for this. 
> The problem we have to cope with is the time shift but I do not know how
> scattered the QA team is. I simply suggest meeting each Friday at 20:00 UTC.
> That would suit me well. If anybody does not have the time to be there at this
> time please follow up and tell us when you have the time ;)

This thread sucks in a very special way.  Instead of *doing* QA it
is discussed about not very important meeting techniques.

Torsten, if you want to recommend it, please decide a proper
time where people can join and lurk around at that time on
that server in that channel.  If people feel confident they
will join.

Personally I'm not a friend of the famous bug squashing parties
on IRC since I cannot fix problems when I need to answer thousand
questions on IRC.  I would appreciate if we would work on things
instead of discussing IRC meetings.


  a) Torsten will find a time and open #debian-qa

  b) People work on fixing bugs

  c) Poeple try to address longstanding bugs and release critical



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