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Bug#39166: application/mac-binhex40 mailcap handler doesn't do the right thing

Package: macutils
Version: 2.0b3-7

The mailcap entry for 'application/mac-binhex40', added by macutils
postinst, is 

  application/mac-binhex40; /usr/bin/hexbin '%s'; needsterminal; \
    description=BinHex encoded Macintosh file; nametemplate=%s.hqx

For one, that should be 'hexbin -v' instead of just 'hexbin'.

Secondly, it doesn't actually seem to work for me.  Given an email
like so:

<apharris@burrito:tmp> show 1839
(Message DELETE:1839)
part 1     text/plain                  18
Press <return> to show content...
part 2     application/mac-binhex40   37K
Press <return> to show content...

This message contains BinHex encoded Macintosh file.
Do you want to view it using the 'hexbin' command (y/n) [y] ? 
---Executing: hexbin

But then --- no file is actually produced!!

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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