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Re: First motif commits

On 25 March 2013 09:30, Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> wrote:
Are you sure? I believe the NEW queue is ONLY accessible to the
ftp-masters, as uploads might contain non-distributable material, and
the task of the ftp-masters is exactly to prevent that entering Debian.

I'm not sure exactly how it was done, but see the changelog entry for new package in raring, python-cffi [1].
That package is also waiting in Debian NEW, about one week behind motif.
So if that is possible, you are talking to an ftp-master, right? Then we
could just make an Ubuntu version of the package instead.

Yes, that is also an option, although 2.3.4-1 does not build in raring, but I we could try pushing 2.3.4-2 straight to Ubuntu.

Furthermore, the feature freeze has already past for a long time, so
usually Ubuntu does not allow such large changes. Who are you
communicating with about this effort, please include me in the

I chatted to Stefano Rivera about this some time ago.  I'll mail him and CC you.
According to Motif 2.3.4's release notes [2], this is a bug fix release, so as far as upstream is concerned there aren't any new features.
I did enable PNG, JPG and Xft support, but these features have been in upstream for a while and have been tested, just not in Debian/Ubuntu.

[1] http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/p/python-cffi/python-cffi_0.5-0ubuntu1/changelog
[2] http://motif.ics.com/motif-234-release-notes

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