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Re: First motif commits

I've been looking at the motif packaging for Fedora 19 [1].  I see they also renamed their openmotif package to motif.
The only changes we don't have now are in the man pages relating to relocated files.
There are still many references to X11R6.

Regarding my patch 14:
Including ft2build.h seems to be an intentional change in freetype from some time ago (2004?).
On my system, $x_includes and $x_libraries are both empty, so the '-I' and '-L' without paths breaks the test.
I don't know where $x_includes and $x_libraries are supposed to come from.
Not setting FONTCONFIG_LIBS="-lfontconfig" looks like a bug to me.
I don't know how the package builds in Red Hat / Fedora without modification, but running 'ldd uil' against the version included in motif-devel-2.3.4-5.fc19.x86_64.rpm shows it is linked to libXft, libXrender, libfontconfig and libfreetype.

I still want to work on patch 13 so that the path to rgb.txt can be specified as a configure option.
The same for MWMRCDIR in patch 5.

I haven't forgotten about the SDK samples.

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