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Re: First motif commits

On 03/14/13 07:29, Graham Inggs wrote:
> After asking that question I tried to do more reading up symbols, but
> I found the information very vague, especially about (optional)
> symbols. Out of interest, why are there so many other (optional)
> symbols?  How did you determine they were optional?

There are several *.elist files in the package. All symbols that are
exported, but are marked private in those lists, I marked as optional.
They should not have be in the symbols file, but unfortunately they are
exported anyways. By the way, these elist files seem not to be
up-to-date, although the header clearly says it is absolutely necessary :(.

> I guess Canonical might have the copyright on the white circle
> image, I'll check in the sources of unity-greeter.


> I'm not sure about the four squares, I based that on the look of the
> icon for Xterm that is displayed in MWM [1].

If you draw them yourselves, than it is all right. No need to look
further for that.

> Shall I email upstream now and see if they are interested in support 
> from the community?

Good idea.


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