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Re: First motif commits

[Seems like the mail servers of Debian were out yesterday, sending again]

Hi Graham,

I have some questions in return.

On 24-03-13 08:40, Graham Inggs wrote:
> You wrote that you wouldn't upload 2.3.4-2 until 2.3.4-1 had been reviewed.
> Is it possible to re-upload our current effort as 2.3.4-1 (with the
> appropriate changes to the changelog and libxm4.symbols)?
> It may then be possible to get Ubuntu to sync motif from Debian's NEW
> queue and still make it into Raring (final beta freeze is March 28 [1]).

Are you sure? I believe the NEW queue is ONLY accessible to the
ftp-masters, as uploads might contain non-distributable material, and
the task of the ftp-masters is exactly to prevent that entering Debian.

So if that is possible, you are talking to an ftp-master, right? Then we
could just make an Ubuntu version of the package instead.

Furthermore, the feature freeze has already past for a long time, so
usually Ubuntu does not allow such large changes. Who are you
communicating with about this effort, please include me in the

Last point, I think if we would do this, I would just upload a -2
version. But I think it would put us back on the agenda. What I think is
that the ftp-masters are reluctant to look at it, but as it gets closer
to the old side of the list, it will get attention.

> Is there anything that needs to be done in wnpp bug #695130 [2]?

No. All information (I think) is in the bug report and it will be
automatically closed by our upload (my first entry in the changelog for


> [2] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=695130

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