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Re: First motif commits

On 03/13/13 09:46, Graham Inggs wrote:
> I've cleaned up some things, added copyright info for
> custom_mwm_badge.png and updated the changelog.

Good. Are you sure you own the complete copyright of that file? I.e.
didn't somebody else have the original copyright?

> Maybe ac_find_xft.m4 should be totally reworked, and we should probably
> consult upstream before doing that.

Sure, although by now I think you nearly know as much about the motif
code as the current upstream maintainer. I think he was just paid for a
while to work on it.

> Is there any harm in leaving the build-depends on libfreetype6-dev and
> libxrender-dev in place for now?

I saw you dropped them in the mean time. Fine. However, from your story
I understand that motif needs to link to libxft. If you want to be sure
it is linked, please DON'T assume it is pulled in via your depends, but
explicitely depend on it. In general, a depends of your package may
cease to depend on the library (maybe it is optional, or a replacement
is found) and you get strange FTBFS or worse in a case like this, your
package builds different than you intend.

> We could create a motif-demos package and copy the demos directory to
> /usr/share/doc/motif-demos, similar to what is done in gtk2.0-examples
> and gtk-3-examples.
> What do you think?

Sounds ok, but I thought originally you created your patch to save on
build time. Do you now think it is worth it to distribute the demos? Oh,
wait, you only mean the source code here. Than I think I like the
"examples" better as name then demos, but I let it up to you.


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