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Re: First motif commits

I committed some changes and updated the changelog.
I am not done yet though, I still want to have a good look at the Red Hat package and see if there is anything that will be useful.
I can already see that we can probably get rid of the system.mwmrc symlink.
I also want to investigate building with fontconfig and xrender support, but I suspect that ac_find_xft.m4 needs some attention before this will work.

On 25/02/2013 18:33, Paul Gevers wrote:
I am not surprised. As I believe this is a company effort, I think somebody got time to work on release a 2.3.4 version with the new licensing. After that of course he got a new assignment. That is exactly why I think it might be interesting to have community support as well.

Shall we wait until we release 2.3.4-2? I was in contact with someone from ICS last year who seemed very helpful, I'll email him when we've got something to show.

Indeed. I think the examples in the source package are good for now as any user can install a source package (not just root). Maybe mentioning something along those lines in a README file somewhere in one of our packages does not hurt though. I.e. that example code is available.

I'm still wondering if there is a better way. I'd like to do something similar for nvidia-cuda-toolkit. I'll keep looking.

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