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Re: First motif commits

On 24/02/2013 21:51, Paul Gevers wrote:
1. FTBFS on Ubuntu Raring:
I think the following page holds the answer:
I already had a look at that page when I was creating the symbols.
Indeed a lot of good info there.

I think the change in Raring happened fairly recently. I've found a package already in Raring, njplot [1], that fails to build from source now with similar linking problems. I've let Stefano know about this, he being an Ubuntu Developer as well, there might be other packages affected and I don't know how serious this is.

It seems other distributions, e.g. Fedora are also switching to DSO linking [2]. It's probably worth combining my patch along with Ubuntu's 0003_fix_ftbfs_binutils-gold.patch [3] and pushing it upstream.

Do you know what this additional support means? In principle I don't object, but I like to understand.

I know it allows JPG and PNG files to be used as resources. If the test case I attached to comment #4 of LP: #1026640 [4] is modified (line 72) to open a JPG image instead of the supplied XPM, then the resultant executable will display a small empty square when run against libXm without JPG support, but will display the image correctly if run against libXM with JPG support, without needing to be recompiled. Further than that, I do not know.

How did you see with what code they released 2.3.4? I could not (easily) deduce this from upstream GIT repository.

I just went by the dates of the commits and the contents of their changelog.

Additionally, I was wondering if you/we find it worth while to ask the current maintainer of upstream what he things of co-maintainers? I expect there are still quite some upstream bugs which are worth fixing, although they are not reported against Debian.

No harm in asking. I am a bit concerned that there hasn't been any upstream activity for a couple of months now.

What do you think of providing a motif-sdk-examples package?
I was thinking we could provide a compressed archive of the source code in /usr/share/doc/ or somewhere that users could extract to their home directories and then build the examples there. I did have a brief look for similar packages in Debian, but didn't find any. Maybe this is just redundant, as the examples are already available in the source package.

[1]: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/njplot/2.4-1
[2]: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UnderstandingDSOLinkChange
[3]: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/multiverse/o/openmotif/openmotif_2.3.3-5ubuntu1/changelog
[4]: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openmotif/+bug/1026640

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