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Re: First motif commits

On 16-02-13 17:19, Graham Inggs wrote:
> Stefano agreed with you about multiple -dev packages being overkill.  I
> did go ahead though, with splitting uil into its own package and marking
> it multiarch: foreign, it could be used for multiarch cross-compiling.

Ok, fine.

> I decided to rename your fix_lintian_reported_manpage_typos.patch and
> while updating the series file I noticed that
> 06-cast-size_t-to-int.patch hadn't been in since January 13, so I
> replaced it.

Do you really care for the numbers in front? I usually find them
annoying, especially in the future, when some patches might get dropped
because they are fixed and others not, do you then rename again? This
tends to make reading history more difficult. But if you want to, I
don't care enough to make a bigger point out of this than these lines.

> I don't have any further changes planned, so I await your comments.

I am finishing the symbols files and have two more patches fixing a typo
and fixing hyphen use in the manpages.

I am checking your latest changes and if all right, I will upload today.


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