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Re: First motif commits

On 24-02-13 07:43, Graham Inggs wrote:
> Recent changes (19 February)
> Hi, I just wanted to clear up a few things regarding the recent changes
> I committed.

Good. I probably would have asked about 2 specifically.

 1. FTBFS on Ubuntu Raring:
> I'd like to rename (sorry) the patch and come up with a better
> description once I fully understand what changed in Raring.


> I think the following page holds the answer:
> http://wiki.debian.org/ToolChain/DSOLinking

I already had a look at that page when I was creating the symbols.
Indeed a lot of good info there.

> 2. Build Motif with JPG and PNG support:
> After being able to build motif on Raring, I noticed there were
> additional symbols.  I found that my test machine had libjpeg8-dev and
> libpng12-dev installed and this caused motif to build with additional
> support for these image types.  I believe we should build motif with JPG
> and PNG support, and found that motif is built this way in Red Hat [2].

Do you know what this additional support means? In principle I don't
object, but I like to understand.

> I have not made any changes yet to the symbols files.

Please do.

> 3. Fix buffer overrun in lib/Xm/FontS.c:
> I was looking at the upstream git [1] and found the only change since
> the 2.3.4 release was this buffer overrun fix committed on 31 October
> 2012.  I figured we should include it.

How did you see with what code they released 2.3.4? I could not (easily)
deduce this from upstream GIT repository.

> If you agree on the above changes, I will write up a changelog
> describing them.

Yes, please.

Additionally, I was wondering if you/we find it worth while to ask the
current maintainer of upstream what he things of co-maintainers? I
expect there are still quite some upstream bugs which are worth fixing,
although they are not reported against Debian.


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