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Re: First motif commits

On 01-02-13 08:31, Paul Gevers wrote:
> On 31-01-13 21:11, Graham Inggs wrote:
>> Actually, it looks like we should ditch libmotif4 and name the separate
>> packages libXm4, libUil4 and libMrm4.
> Agree.

Not perfect yet, but I did some of the work on the split (bed time now
though). Pushed to the repo.

>>     I've had a look at incorporating
>>     d/patches/05-multiarch-specialcase-libdir-X11.patch into
>>     configure.ac <http://configure.ac> as a build option, and was
>>     thinking that perhaps now is the time to move these platform
>>     independent files, as Sergio suggested, from /usr/lib/X11/bindings
>>     to /usr/share/X11/bindings and into a separate package
>>     motif-common'.

Does this also count for the bitmaps? (Not implemented by me yet).

>>     Also, /usr/lib/X11/system.mwmrc can be relocated to
>>     /usr/share/X11, but remain in package mwm.
> Have to investigate, but I assume for know you know what you are proposing.

Not yet looked into, but if you think this is reasonable (it sounds like
it), please show how you want to do it.


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