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Re: First motif commits

On 25-02-13 09:38, Graham Inggs wrote:
> It seems other distributions, e.g. Fedora are also switching to DSO
> linking [2].
> It's probably worth combining my patch along with Ubuntu's
> 0003_fix_ftbfs_binutils-gold.patch [3] and pushing it upstream.

Sounds good.

>> Additionally, I was wondering if you/we find it worth while to ask the
>> current maintainer of upstream what he things of co-maintainers? I
>> expect there are still quite some upstream bugs which are worth
>> fixing, although they are not reported against Debian.
> No harm in asking.  I am a bit concerned that there hasn't been any
> upstream activity for a couple of months now.

I am not surprised. As I believe this is a company effort, I think
somebody got time to work on release a 2.3.4 version with the new
licensing. After that of course he got a new assignment. That is exactly
why I think it might be interesting to have community support as well.

> What do you think of providing a motif-sdk-examples package?
> I was thinking we could provide a compressed archive of the source code
> in /usr/share/doc/ or somewhere that users could extract to their home
> directories and then build the examples there.  I did have a brief look
> for similar packages in Debian, but didn't find any.  Maybe this is just
> redundant, as the examples are already available in the source package.

Indeed. I think the examples in the source package are good for now as
any user can install a source package (not just root). Maybe mentioning
something along those lines in a README file somewhere in one of our
packages does not hurt though. I.e. that example code is available.


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