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Re: [DRAFT FOR REVIEW] Brazilian government owned IT enterprise SERPRO selects Debian GNU/Linux for its servers and wishes to collaborate

Hello, Michael
Thanks for the suggestions
There is now a bit trimmed version of the about debian section.
The section is not actually intended to be published by all press, but
to give enough background info references to the press pundits that were
unaware of Debian Project strenghts and differences from others.
Since it started to be included, there were not many gross
misunderstandings about Debian Project. Our site is very big, the
information is sparse, and pundits are busy people to look too much for
info. So, the section summarizes as much it can the Debian Project,
giving links for more in depth information.
Maybe if our site becomes very clear for this kind of audience, the
section becomes uneeded.
I successfully use it directly [1] for presenting Project for
journalists that were unaware of Debian when tried to spread the word
about Debian Day Porto Alegre.
Most of them were *completely* unaware of this kind of info about debian
project. No one of them complained about excess links yet. The text is
understandable even without them, and "send the message".
When one browse our site, first pages are too verbose for those in a
We could try to compact such amount of info into fewer and clear words.
Maybe the site could be redesigned for having a landing page with linear
style of browsing, and then the first link could be enough.
Or a wiki page.
Could it be accomplished?
Andre Felipe


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