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Fwd: Announcement of D-I releases

Resending as we did not get a reply from the publicity team on the first 

Please also see the replies from other D-I team members to the original 
message available at:

Please reply to both lists, not to me privately.


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Hi Alexander and team,

Up till now we've basically only announced D-I releases on our project 
homepage [1], on d-d-a [2] and via times.d.n [3]. A copy of the 
announcement has sometimes been sent to d-user.
As you can see, basically the same announcement in all cases, which is 
possibly a bit boring :-)

But we've not announced anything on d-news (main reason: too much hassle 
getting it there). The changelog we send to d-d-a is probably not really 
suitable for d-n, but a shorter version with a bit more explanation and a 
link to [1] could work.

Note that D-I releases, even though they contain full sets of CDs and 
DVDs, are not _Debian_ beta releases or release candidates and that has 
to be made very clear to a less technical audience.
They are D-I releases with a testing snapshot; pre-release testing is done 
to ensure installs work and there are no major immediately visible issues 
after reboot, but nothing further.

What do you think? Should we contact you in the run up to future releases 
to coordinate announcements? If we want to do that, we should probably 
prepare some template in advance, for both Beta and RC D-I releases.
The next release is likely to be our RC1 release.

The main goal would be (from my personal PoV at least) to get more people 
to test releases, maybe emphasizing the need for feedback (in English!) 
on foreign language installs and non-standard architectures.

What do other D-I team members think?


P.S. Thx for the quick follow up on the D-I release with a DPN. Good 

[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/News/2008/20080609
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2008/06/msg00002.html
[3] http://times.debian.net/1252-Debian-Installer-Lenny-Beta-2-released

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