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Re: About the (accursed) Penguin Logo.

Rob Browning wrote:
> Ean Schuessler <ean@novare.net> writes:
> > We _should_ _not_ use the peguin logo. Please, please, please stop this
> > madness now before we actually start spending real money on ads and stuff.
> I agree completely.  I don't like the current logo, and though I
> understand some of Bruce's reasoning at the time, I think that the

As already stated in private mail, for hamm (hamm cd, hamm ad) it is
too late to chose a different logo.  We should instead use the one
we have already.

If we want to have a different logo, we should discuss this after
the release and open another contest - and hope we'll get better
results than before.

So please postpone this for a while and concentrate on the hamm
stamp list.



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