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About the (accursed) Penguin Logo.

Ok, I hate to rant again (well, I don't hate it that much) but here we go:

We _should_ _not_ use the peguin logo. Please, please, please stop this
madness now before we actually start spending real money on ads and stuff.
I people are not fond of the "funky D" that is another matter, and one 
that we are willing to address. The penguin logo is totally broken and 
we should not have committed to it.

Some points:

- The selection process for the Penguin was tainted. It was basically picked
  by Bruce on some vauge criteria of usability. It was not the winner by

- The direct association of the Penguin with Debian is not the best branding
  as their is a definate sub-project to make Debian a presence on non-Linux

- The penguin is (pardon my bluntness here) crudely drawn and not a well
  balanced visual. Their are awkward transitions in the curves that make
  it apparent that it is a piece of computer generated artwork.

Some reasons I should be ignored:

- We will apparently never solve the logo problem.

- We don't have time.

Here is another thing to think about, however, it is Novare's intent to
use some of these ad ideas to advertise our Debian sales. Novare has no
intention of using the Penguin, we will establish our own branding 
techniques and contribute some of them back to the Debian project for our
competitors to use. Some features, such as the OpenCorp brand, the 
ordering and fulfillment infrastructure, support staff and other physical
infrastructure will naturally remain our property.

Seeing that we dislike the logo and do not intend to use it (unless forced
to, at which point we will complain long and loud) maybe this is a good
time to really try and solve the problem.

Well, there it is.

Ean Schuessler                Director of New Products and Technologies
Novare International Inc.        The Unstoppable Fist of Digital Action
*** WARNING: This signature may contain jokes.

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