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Re: About the (accursed) Penguin Logo.

> As already stated in private mail, for hamm (hamm cd, hamm ad) it is
> too late to chose a different logo.  We should instead use the one
> we have already.
There comes a point where having a solution becomes more important
than choosing the best solution. As far as hamm is concerned,
this time has already come. Let's stop sticking our heads in the
sand and move forward. We have already missed the September deadline
for getting an ad into the LJ. I am not going to let this cause us to
miss the October deadline. 

> If we want to have a different logo, we should discuss this after
> the release and open another contest - and hope we'll get better
> results than before.
If we do have another contest, we must have strict rules for what
constitutes a logo. Any that don't meet the criteria can go into
a Debian art page. Useful as a CD cover perhaps, but not for our

The real bottleneck here is voting on the constitution. Once that is
over, we should be able to use it's procedures to vote on a logo
in a timely fashion.

> So please postpone this for a while and concentrate on the hamm
> stamp list.

Jay Treacy

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