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Re: About the (accursed) Penguin Logo.

Rob Browning wrote:
> I agree completely.  I don't like the current logo, and though I
> understand some of Bruce's reasoning at the time, I think that the
> selection was too autocratic, and there are entirely too many
> developers who don't really like it for it to be fair to continue
> using it (this is an impression, not the result of a careful survey).
> I do like the "funky D" a little better (though I think we can
> probably do even better still).
The main problem is that our ad is going to be one of the important milestones
in visibility and having _a_ logo is important before publishing it. It's not
like we can afford having lots of ads every so often. LJ has found a way to 
give us a good deal but we can't abuse that. So, if we decide to drop the
logo, we should find one before publishing the ad. 

> Yep.  I believe it's been stated before, but what does the penguin
> have to do with the HURD?  It's quite possible that we'll have a HURD
> project too eventually.  We need a symbol for *Debian*, not one for
> Linux.  Linux will take care of itself.
> FWIW: Every friend here I've shown our current icon to here hasn't
> liked it much and couldn't figure out what a baby chicken had to do
> with anything.  So it's not a few of us weirdo's who think it doesn't
> look like a penguin.
If it's a chicken, then it's no penguin and there is no implied relation to 

Seriously, I don't find it's so terrible but it doesn't excite me either. I'd
love to have something I _really_ like but can we go through the process of
setting pages up and getting submissions and so on yet again? 

> All that said, this is not the most important issue in the world, but
> just one I would like to see a better solution to.
Certainly not the most important issue but one we should deal with before
publishing the ad IMHO.

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