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Re: About the (accursed) Penguin Logo.

I love the way that people can hold the two ideas:

  Debian should use something other than a penguin.

  The Debian logo doesn't look like a penguin, it looks like a chicken.

in their heads at the same time, and still complain about both.

Surely they should be saying:

  Hurray, we chose a chicken to differentiate us from the Linux Logo ;-)


But to return to reality, it took us years to fail to choose a logo before, so 
why should anyone think that we can fail to choose a logo any more quickly 
this time round.

In fact the situation is now significantly worse, since we have almost twice
as many developers, and Ian would seem to be less likely to get fed up and
just choose for us.

IMNSHO There is absolutely no possibility of us _ever_ choosing another logo 
(just look at our track record).

The only choices we have are:

  1)  Captain Blue Eye

  2)  ``Debian, the project with no logo''

If we want to do get an advert in LJ this time around, we don't even have time 
to choose between those two, so we are going to have to go with Captain Blue 

Cheers, Phil.

P.S.  I'm fairly indifferent about the merits of Captain Blue Eye, but I'm
      definite that some logo is better than no logo, and a constant logo is
      better than a different logo every few months.

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