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Re: Debian should not engage in politics and stay neutral [was: This is not the direction that will lead to hearing each other]

On Fri, Apr 09, 2021 at 02:11:11PM -0400, Tiago Bortoletto Vaz wrote:
> Please, let's first agree that it's not (only) about his 'personal view on some
> topics'. Most people defending RMS on this list seem to have suddenly
> s/actions/views/g in their spell checker. So, just to put words back to their
> place: it's about his incessant *actions* over the years, which may or may not
> been directly connected with his (publicly stated) views. And his *actions*,
> and not his views alone, have hurt the community in many many ways. And this
> community is about software freedom, the thing you said you believe on, and the
> thing that keeps you motivated to contribute to Debian.

This community would not exist without the actions of RMS.

RMS founded the free software movement.
RMS created the GNU project.
RMS wrote emacs for the GNU project.
RMS wrote gcc for the GNU project.
RMS wrote gdb for the GNU project.
RMS wrote the GPL.
RMS founded the FSF.

Linus Torvalds originally used a non-free licence for Linux,
before switching to the GPL.
The core of Debian are the tools from the GNU project.
In the early days of Debian, RMS through the FSF employed
the DPL full-time for his work on Debian.

An open letter stating there would be "no place in the free software 
community" for RMS is hugely offensive for many people who are aware
that the free software community would not exist without RMS.

RMS has always been a polarizing figure in the 38 years since he founded 
the free software movement, but the same traits that make him difficult
are the reason why he stubbornly created this community against all


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