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This is not the direction that will lead to hearing each other

I wasn't thrilled with Steve's message; I sent him what I hope are some
constructive comments privately.
Bringing up nazis is rarely going to  calm things down or promote
constructive discussion.
And yes, he did that.

But Adrian!  You really doubled down on the tension.
I appreciate that you are frustrated and disagree strongly with some of
what Steve is saying.

I hear that you would like to have a discussion on how our diversity
statement interacts with organizations people affiliatef with.

Doubling down on the nazi thing isn't going to give us a constructive or
healthy discussion.
There are ways to have the discussion you are looking for that will be
more constructive and that will not promote quite so much of aflame war.

It sounds like you aren't feeling heard.
The particular example you picked is only likely to escalate things so
that none of us are hearing each other.

Please let us find a way to step back, listen to your concerns, but also
respect the other people involved.

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