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Re: Conflict escalation and discipline

Gunnar Wolf writes ("Re: Conflict escalation and discipline"):
> But my critique to Ian's original point stands: As long as the people
> involved in said "hard" social interactions post their messages to
> debian-devel or debian-whatever, no conflict-prevention-body will ever
> prevent that friction.

Indeed.  My point of view arises from considering what might induce
such people to try a different approach.

The answer is, carrot: advertising that the alternative route has a
possibility of delivering something like what an angry person actually
thinks they want - punishment for the wrongdoer.

And, of course, stick: if you post to d-devel anyway then your own
behaviour will be scrutinised by that some body, and will be
officially looked on unfavourably (rather than just get you dogpiled).

I'm going to let other people drive this conversation for a while.


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