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Re: Conflict escalation and discipline

El 18 de abril de 2018 17:59:38 CEST, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org> escribió:
>Lars Wirzenius dijo [Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 04:08:24PM +0300]:
>> On Wed, 2018-04-18 at 13:41 +0100, Martín Ferrari wrote:
>> > I believe that a-h is the natural starting point for dealing with
>> > issues.
>> Most of the problems being discussed right now, and in general, seem
>> to be of the sort where feelings are hurt, but harassment isn't
>> happening. The situations seem to be "A did something, and B was
>> offended, how do we get A and B to understand each other, and resolve
>> any conflict, and get A and B to collaborate in the future?".
>> This implies to me that, at the least, "anti-harassment" is the wrong
>> name for a team that deals with this.
>This topic was brought up at the A-H BoF in Montreal. Everybody thinks
>A-H's name is wrong for many reasons, but no better-suited name has
>yet been suggested; in my view, A-H is far from being a team only to
>deal with harassment (which would make it mostly, although not purely,
>a sexism-prevention-oriented group), but should be able to work in
>"hard" social interactions such as what sparked this set of threads.

If we want a body that can enforce certain rules, I would go to "social committee" (as its analogue "technical committee").

If we want a contact point that gives advice ans ensures that complains or a report arrives to the corresponding body (similar to now),  my name suggestion would be"Anti-harassment and Fair Treatment Contact Office".

I wouldn't drop the anti-harassment word because its negative load raises awareness and sends a clear message. I always understood harassment as not only sexual, but any (repeated) abuse in power relationships. If that's not the common understanding, we may need to add "anti-bullying".

>But my critique to Ian's original point stands: As long as the people
>involved in said "hard" social interactions post their messages to
>debian-devel or debian-whatever, no conflict-prevention-body will ever
>prevent that friction.

Or at least I would like that the conversation goes at a slower pace. To leave ourselves (all of us) time to think, calm down, listen and empathycise.

My 2 cents.

Laura Arjona Reina
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