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Re: Conflict escalation and discipline

Ian Jackson - 18.04.18, 19:23:
> The answer is, carrot: advertising that the alternative route has a
> possibility of delivering something like what an angry person actually
> thinks they want - punishment for the wrongdoer.
> And, of course, stick: if you post to d-devel anyway then your own
> behaviour will be scrutinised by that some body, and will be
> officially looked on unfavourably (rather than just get you dogpiled).

Whoa. I do not believe in any of that.

Public shaming and/or other forms of punishment is not going to help 
here. The other way around: One of the threads I think this discussion 
relates to is full with shaming and blaming each other… with the result 
of that clearly visible: at least one package maintainer orphaning 
packages and probably even leaving the project.

If there would be one clear rule, I´d say: Never ever attack a person. 
Harmlessness with each other goes a long, long way. 

Wrongdoing someone who probably did something that did not serve the 
project or another person, i.e. did something "wrong", just continues 
the hurting cycle. And even "wrong" or "right" is just an arbitrary 
judgment. Indeed think "I am right and the other is wrong" is a pattern 
that fuels threads like the one I think this discussion relates to. Its 
also a game that can be played till the end of time. Only exit: One 
party lets go of blaming the other party (as if there would be different 
parties to begin with but that is another story).

There is no wrongdoer, there are just human beings or… souls who play 
the game of human experience.


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