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Re: Can I still depend on Debian?

I've got the same concerns. I'm also very concerned because apparently the systemd push may happen on servers I already built if I forgot to use Debian Stable, which I may have, because I've never had any issues previous with riding on the edge, and I like to provide feedback upstream where possible.

More concerning than that is that systemd won't be producing human readable log files. As a full time sysadmin, I'm reading log files all day, and I have to wonder what the reasoning behind this is (to be fair, I haven't really looked into it yet. I'm busy with real work).

More concerning still is the hegemony that Red Hat / Gnome people seem to have developed, and how their tools are now infecting every distro in the world it seems. I can't imagine having this monoculture is going to be good long or short term for the entire infrastructure of all digital tools on the planet. I've administered a ton of Centos and Red Hat machines in my day, and I use Debian specifically for a lot of reasons pursuant to that experience.

I haven't commented much on this whole systemd fracas, but your message in particular resonated with me, and now to read about lead after lead stepping down due to this bizarre hurry up offence the systemd crowd seems to be running, I too feel very concerned about my favorite server distro, and the upstream for my favorite desktop distros as well (Mint mostly).

One of the things I've relied on Debian the most for is it's slowness, and it's methodical pace of not including controversial things until they have been beaten into the ground by millions and nobody sees an issue with implementation. That just doesn't feel like what is happening here with systemd, and frankly, It's scaring the shit out of a lot of us, and rightfully so.

If there *IS* in fact anything to the conspiracy theories about a red hat plant in the Debian camp intentionally screwing things up, he/she should get a raise. They've screwed everybody up royally.

If in fact it's just immature naivete or lack of fore thought: *sigh* Once again I'm reminded that we're not far removed from the feces flinging primates from whence our genetic code forked.



We are the product of our efforts.

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