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Re: Can I still depend on Debian?

Rhy Thornton <rhyt@scesd.k12.or.us> writes:
> More concerning than that is that systemd won't be producing human 
> readable log files.
> (to be fair, I haven't really
> looked into it yet.  I'm busy with real work).

I wonder why you feel qualified to comment.  :-/

I've only played briefly with systemd, and even I know that one still
gets text logs in the default Debian configuration.

Once I'm comfortable enough to start putting systemd on servers, I don't
expect to be keeping syslog logs around though -- journalctl is clearly
more useful.  The way that vital information gets scattered around
various files has always been a bit of a pain with *syslog.

If you spend all day reading logs I'd imagine you'll be able to save
yourself some time with journalctl -- you should try spinning up a VM
with systemd and have play -- you might find you like it.

Also, I'd suggest that you take rumours of the sky falling with a pinch
of salt.

Even if systemd is discovered to be the worst thing since the black
death, it's going to be possible to avoid it in Jessie, and we have LTS
now, so you've got many years to think about it, which will also be
plenty of time to change direction, if that were to be necessary.

Cheers, Phil.
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