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Google contacting (harassing?) new DDs


it looks like as soon as one becomes DD, an email arrives from Google

I understand that some people may find it interesting, and some people
find it annoying. My experience with just ignoring their email was that
I was contacted again.

I am toying with the idea of contacting companies with aggressive
recruiting policies like Google asking them to please leave us in peace,
and offering instead to maintain a wiki page of recruiting contacts for
companies that like the taste of DD blood. Something like:

  These companies consider Debian Developers as especially interesting
  people to recruit. If you are a Debian Developer and looking for a
  job, you can reach them using the contacts below:

    Google: <foo@google.com>
    Facebook: <bar@facebook.com>
    Amazon: <baz@amazon.com>
    Canonical: <gnu@canonical.com>

  and so on.




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