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Re: Google contacting (harassing?) new DDs

Hi Enrico,

Quoting Enrico Zini (2013-12-10 18:02:27)
> it looks like as soon as one becomes DD, an email arrives from Google 
> recruiters.
> I understand that some people may find it interesting, and some people 
> find it annoying. My experience with just ignoring their email was 
> that I was contacted again.

My experience with with Google recruiters is that they contact me again 
no matter if I ignore them: When I let them run their sales pitch on me, 
I make it clear that I want to work from home - both initially where 
they generally don't pay attention to it and at the end, where they 
either give up or kindly report back later that they cannot satisfy it.  
I then insist that they note down my preference of working from home, 
they promise to do it, but nevertheless I have been contacted numerous 
times from "Google".  Some have explained that they work on _behalf_ of 
Google but don't have any notes from others contacting me in the past 
because really is different agencies.

> I am toying with the idea of contacting companies with aggressive 
> recruiting policies like Google asking them to please leave us in 
> peace, and offering instead to maintain a wiki page of recruiting 
> contacts for companies that like the taste of DD blood. Something 
> like:
> These companies consider Debian Developers as especially interesting 
> people to recruit. If you are a Debian Developer and looking for a 
> job, you can reach them using the contacts below:
>   Google: <foo@google.com>
>   Facebook: <bar@facebook.com>
>   Amazon: <baz@amazon.com>
>   Canonical: <gnu@canonical.com>
>   ...
> and so on.
> Comments?

No doubt they'll be happy to get such free promotion on our wiki, but I 
doubt their agencies will stop harassing us in return.

 - Jonas

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