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Re: Code of Conduct: picking up [and 1 more messages]

On debian-private I wrote:
> I recently had occasion to email to the #debian-devel chanops about
> the behaviour of a couple of people there.  I found it difficult to
> find where to contact them; I ended up tracking down a subset of the
> email addresses via various resources including wiki pages and
> indices/Maintainers.
> I think there are implications here for the Code of Conduct thread on
> -project, so I am about to reply to this (my own) message there.

As I have said, I think the Code of Conduct should give a set of
contact information for each of the Debian communication fora.  In
some (many?) cases this could be a reference to the appropriate part
of http://www.debian.org/intro/organization.

I think this means that our IRC chanops need to create an email
address for such things (or publish the address if there is one

Wouter, I looked at your CoC draft in git[1] and it didn't have this
"who to contact" section in it.  Last I heard from you I think you'd
agreed that it was a good idea (along with writing into the GR that
the DPL can modify the CoC).


[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=users/wouter/coc.git;a=blob;f=coc.markdown

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