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Re: mjg59's blog on planet.d.o

On 13015 March 1977, Russ Allbery wrote:

>> So I would suggest instead that material "unrelated to Debian", but from
>> people within the broad community, is actually by far the best use for
>> Planet Debian, and that the more relevant posts are to Debian, the less
>> appropriate they are for Planet.
> Would people like me to push my entire blog to Planet Debian, including
> all my book reviews and software release announcements?

> Serious question.  I currently maintain a separate "debian" tag that only
> gets posts that feel relevant to Debian because I was worried about
> dumping too much content into Planet Debian, but I can undo that and give
> Planet Debian a full feed if people would really prefer.

In the (very) past there was someone posting a ton of "little" things of
various, entirely Debian unrelated, "entries". More like, "twitter" or
"facebook" style, than blogging, ie not even full written. Such a thing
isn't wanted, thats plain flooding. But full postings with basically any
(commonly accepted[1]) non-spam content, including non-Debian one, is fine.

Planet is a means to get to know more about people without attaching a
rfid chip and a surveillance camera to each DD. And if I want to know
what such a DD does in Debian - I have dozens of other services for that
already, so yeah, add more personal things to planet... :)

[1] sod it, im not running into that minefield of defining commonly
    accepted here. :)

bye, Joerg

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