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Re: mjg59's blog on planet.d.o

[Lars Wirzenius, 2012-10-30]
> On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 12:19:12AM +0100, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> > AFAIK Matthew Garrett hasn't been "active and directly involved
> > participant in the Debian development community" for years. What is
> > the reason for keeping his blog on planet.d.o?
> Matthew has been blogging frequently over the several past years,
> and aggregated on Planet Debian.  He has, for example, written a lot
> about UEFI and Secure Boot, and the different ways in which Linux and
> distributions can handle them. You said nothing then.
> Now, when he blogs about what Ted Ts'o has said about rape, you react.
> This sounds an awful lot like you want to remove Matthew from Planet
> Debian because of his opinions on that issue.
> It is true that Matthew does not necessarily fill the criteria for being
> on Planet Debian, in the strictest interpretation. However, if we remove
> him right now, it sends a very clear signal that this is a forbidden issue
> in Debian, and, as a result, that women's rights aren't welcome anymore.
> I don't find that acceptable. I would find it extremely unfortunate if
> we removed Matthew from Planet Debian right now.

[/me who likes reading Matthew's blog posts about UEFI/Restricted boot]

I guess "Fedora" tag was added to this post by mistake, but it doesn't
matter that much since... plandet.debian.org is subscribed to all
blog posts. We could ask Matthew to add "Linux" tag to blog posts that he
considers worth including on Debian planet and subscribe only those.

On a more general note: I find it a bit rude to feed planet FOO with
content not related to FOO. It's not that bad on planet.debian.org
compared to other planets, but it could be better. I'd volunteer to go
through all feed URLs and add missing tags/categories but I'm afraid the
"I like to read about personal life of people related to FOO" lobby is
too loud. If filtering such planets takes too much of my time, I
usually simply unsubscribe it.
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