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Re: why privacy is mandatory

MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote:

> If it's based on something not statistically significant, is it
> unreliable?

Whether my observations are reliable enough for you to value the
point that I try to explain by samples that are valid to me, well,
that is not in my hands.

[paddy is behind everything - why we need black sheeps]

> I think that demonstrates it wasn't figured out and someone else
> needs to try.  Changing masks, rinsing and repeating won't wash.

If you are waiting for Jesus to come down on you and hold your hand
then I cant help it.

I am not a negative person. So I was not assuming the situation is
really that hopeless so the Mesias himself is required, to hold up
positive ethics and demand more people skills.

> Not to comment on the actual point, but we can't assume that CatB
> is universally accepted:-

I have seen people talk bad about Ian Murdock.
I have seen people talk bad about Richard Stallman.
I have seen people talk bad about Eric Steven Raymond.

Often it was pure jealousy that such celebrities have something
the other people dont have who try to give people bad reputation.
It sometimes is sign of a destructive nature, too

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