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Re: why privacy is mandatory

MJ Ray wrote:

> [...]
> > Some men have the hope that the women they meet are more open
> > minded. Some men have the hope that the women they meet are not
> > constantly trying to appear cool and superior.

> It appears that the politics of prejudice is something in common!
> Men do this, women do that?  Get over it.

This is not prejudice at all.

The word prejudice refers to prejudgment: i.e. making a decision
before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case or event.

Example: this paddy must be a troll lets flame him

Some people might think that my statements that you quoted sound
like generalisms. In the context of feminism quite a few people
ride this anti-generalisms horse, because they think it reduces
the personality of the people that are addressed.

But I was not aiming for that.

I expressed a simplified observation - familiarity proximity bias
formed from a non-statistically valid sample.

People use generalisms all the time, because you can not talk about
anything without doing it.

The fear of being accused of using generalisms is cause, that some
Debian Developers post their entire story of life in every single
posting on the debian-vote mailing list - as one other simplified
example of an observation.

> If anyone wants to change [the violent communication], please
> figure out how to persuade people that basic human rights should
> be affirmed by debian as a project.

The person who made all the postings on this mailing list with the
"ideas regarding a conflict management strategy" and
"please learn to understand yourself and other people"
tried exactly that. And the result was pretty violent feedback.
Of course the person who wrote these articles did not do it in
a perfect way. I assume he is just human. But he tried.

The key to everything is that all Debian Developers and all users
are well aware of the fact that any form of violent communication
is bad. If it happens anyways there has to be a working way of
conflict management that is not only based on violent actions.

The next step is that people learn to accept others with a different
personality because that difference is no real danger to them.

And when all Debian Developers do well regarding that they will be
able to see the huge benefit in the diversity of opinions.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar story? 
You all remember?

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