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Re: why privacy is mandatory

Patrick Frank <paddy.frank@web.de> wrote: [...]
> So it was just politics that were not made visible?
> And they have to be enforced in a violent way?

IMO the politics are clearly visible from the URLs in the topic when
HennaX joined #debian-women in http://pastebin.ca/885288

Enforcement is up to the stakeholders, but this isn't a first for d-w.

> Some men have the hope that the women they meet are more open minded.
> Some men have the hope that the women they meet are not constantly
> trying to appear cool and superior.

It appears that the politics of prejudice is something in common!  Men
do this, women do that?  Get over it.

> But the following is addressed to all Debian Developers.
> All I ever wanted was to be part of the debian community and contribute.

So contribute:- http://www.debian.org/devel/join/

> Thats very much frustrating when human rights apply to a piece of paper
> that is used to represent a software license, but human rights do not
> apply to all the people who use Debian and who care for Debian.

It's frustrating, but this has been known to me since at least 2005
and was reaffirmed on this list late last year.  I doubt I'm the first
to spot it. There is no need to demonstrate it again.

If anyone wants to change it, please figure out how to persuade people
that basic human rights should be affirmed by debian as a project. I'm
not that great at persuading a hostile audience that I have little in
common with (see para.1 above), and I already burnt a few bridges
defending my own rights.

> And I express all this in public not only to fight back and to try to
> be accepted as the person who I am. I also think its about time that
> somebody has the courage to name a massive problem, while you guys
> claim that no Debian Developer will hide problems.  [...]

It's not hidden.  It's all here somewhere.  Just not well-known.  We
can hardly expect the press team to publish "Debian entrenches
prejudices" - not a good headline and a bit away from the main aims of
this project.

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