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Re: why privacy is mandatory

Patrick Frank <paddy.frank@web.de> wrote:
> MJ Ray wrote:
> > It appears that the politics of prejudice is something in common!
> > Men do this, women do that?  Get over it.
> This is not prejudice at all.
> The word prejudice refers to prejudgment: i.e. making a decision
> before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case or event.

I guess that depends whether one thinks "being a man" is relevant to
the decision of what actions to predict.  If it's based on something
not statistically significant, is it unreliable?

> > If anyone wants to change [the violent communication], please
> > figure out how to persuade people that basic human rights should
> > be affirmed by debian as a project.
> The person who made all the postings on this mailing list [...]
> tried exactly that. And the result was pretty violent feedback.

I think that demonstrates it wasn't figured out and someone else needs
to try.  Changing masks, rinsing and repeating won't wash.

> The Cathedral and the Bazaar story? 
> You all remember?

Not to comment on the actual point, but we can't assume that CatB
is universally accepted:-
"Raymond starts from a position of ignorance about how cathedrals
 were built and bazaars operated and goes downhill from there."
Source: Rob Myers http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.org.fsf.uk/5330

Diversity - the longer you look, di verse it gets.
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