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Re: why privacy is mandatory

Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> wrote:

> Speaking of private data, you have published an IRC log without
> first securing permission from all the participants. Personally, I
> detest people who do this even on channels where there is no explicit
> policy forbidding such behavior, so to point out that you have done so
> with one of those channels seems almost superfluous.

irc.oftc.net is a so called public communication network as it does not
forcibly authenticate its users.

As soon as you make a posting on that network its no longer private.

Thank you for playing this ball. The point is proven now how wrong it
it is to force people to set their realname in chat clients and to
force them to introduce themselves on channels. As this removes the
possibility from individuals to stay private with certain data on a
public network.

And regarding logging - Debian Developers do that since years and
publish logs on websites. If you resolve the legal aspects I am your
happy guest, Clint.

> I consider this to be an unpleasant form of violence.

I am sorry. It was not my intention to hurt your feelings. The next
time I make sure to publish a log where people see more of your
comedy talent.

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