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Re: Another level of agression ?

Sven Luther wrote:
On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 01:03:29PM +0200, Joey Schulze wrote:
Sven Luther wrote:
After some more pressure on IRC, your commit access has been restored.
It is not enough, i want the suspension revoked, since it was a stupid
decision, which has achieved nothing except worsen the situation, and
was taken contrary to the DAMs procedure, and in a shady and mysterious
Oh come on Sven!  This thread was about the accidential removal of your
kernel team commit access.  It has been restored since them.  The problem
is fixed.

The wider problem has been there since marsch last year or so, and it
was never fixed.

And I am beginning to wonder if it ever can be fixed!
So, what will be done to solve this issue, or should it be left open
like a bleeding wound to fester and worsen so much longer ? Isn't it
time to solve this in a fair and human way, like it should have been
done last year ? And no, you cannot blame Anthony Towns for all the evil
this time around.

It seems to me that there is plenty of blame to go around. I
accept my fair share for everything I have written that has just
prolonged the debate. But when a simple accident (removal of
access) blows up into a rehash of all the accusations that should
have died long ago, it looks like Sven will never let go of this

I do not mean to troll, but I do have a serious rhetorical question
I would like you to consider. Sven has said "It is not enough." So,
what is enough? I do not see total abdication as a viable option.
It may take two to argue, but one can rehash previous disagreements


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