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Re: Another level of agression ?

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 05:40:26PM +0200, Joey Schulze wrote:
> Sven, stop it already!

why should i ? The times i stopped, i got punished worse without
provocation ?

> We've seen this several times already.

Yes, so, what ? I have seen that if i don't make a fuss over this,
everyone is pretty happy to let things slide into forgoteness. Never has
me being silent helped in any way.

> You're not bringing up anything new.

And i will repeat it as long as people try to ignore me, and until
Debian stands up and act in a dign and honourable way in this.

> You're not helping yourself if you continue.

You mean, i am not being meekly silent and accept my fate, right ? Like
said, i was silent for longer periods in the past, and it earned me only
repeated agression, so no, i will not be silent, and if you guys take it
further, and try to censor me on the lists like it was tried, i guess
there are other forums where i could export this mess.

Why can't you guys understand how easy it would be to solve this ? Why
do you think i proposed an in-person meeting at FOSDEM, and why do you
think i spoke with Christian Perrier at solution linux in paris, asking
him to help prepare such a in-person meeting at FOSDEM. Why do you think
i held a technical discussion meeting at FOSDEM over the kernel, so the
d-i folk could voice their critics, and we could reconcile all the
difference of opinions, and chose the best technical solution for lenny,
now, early in the development process ? Why do you think i wrote that
positive wiki page, and called for reconciliation ? 

These are all things i expected from the DPL last year, when *I* went to
him for a mediation.

So, yes, i am angry and hurt, but i am rightfully angered, and i will
not be silenced, except if someone decide to send some goons after me to
empty some rounds of amunition into me.

Frankly, all those years back, when i meet you in oldenburg, if i had
known what a vampirizing beast debian was, and how the DDs would stand
aside while a bunch of power-hungry assholes where going on a systematic
campaign to hurt me, i would have gone away running, and not sacrificed
so much of my time and work to debian.

And you ask me to be silent ? 


Sven Luther

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