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Re: Another level of agression ?

On Sun, May 27, 2007 at 05:56:38PM +0200, Joey Schulze wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> > Hi all, 
> > 
> > Well, in the ever continuing witch hunt against me, i just noticed,
> > while i was working on a patch fix for the debian kernel, that i have
> > been removed from the alioth kernel team.
> Have you asked on debian-kernel what's going on?

BTW, Martin, you ask me to ask, but did any of those of the other side
of the witch hunt against me ever try to speak to me ? 

Did Andres speak to me about what he disliked in my behaviour before
asking for my expulsion ? No, the first notice i had about it was when
he quoted an out-of-context irc quote in last year's DPL debate ? 

Did Frederik, or Martin, speak to me in february, before supporting the
expulsion, while i was silent on the lists because of the self-enforced
ban ? No, they did not.

Did any of those who posted hateful and agressive, and partly false and
calomnious material as support for the expulsion ever try to speak to
me about this ? No, they did not ? 

Did James Troup, or all the others among the hateful expulsers, or those
who where aware of it try to speak with me in RL at FOSDEM ? Espcially
James Troup in his position as DAM, and given the fact that i exchanged
a few words with him a day after they sent the expulsion email to me
which got lost on the debian mail server and only reached me a few days
later when Joerg pinged me on irc ? No they did not.

Did anyone who knew i proposed an in-face meeting during FOSDEM say,
this is a good idea, let's try to arange this, and finally solve this
issue and be happy coding ever after ? No they did not.

Did anyone say, we missed the FOSDEM chance, let's not miss debconf, and
arrange a discussion about it there and solve it ? No they did not.

... With one exception, and that is Joerg, who told me on the phone at
the start of january that he would personally sit with Frans and me in a
room at debconf, and try to solve the issue, but then a month or so
later, when i candidated as DPL, and frans and co again tried to expulse
me, while i had not posted a single mail except my DPL candidacy, it was
forgotten ...

So, you ask me to speak to people, to the selfsame people who chose to
hurt me *AND MY DEBIAN WORK AND THUS OUR USERS*, and who did never try
to speka to me, and who mostly chose to not reply to the numerous
attempts at conciliation and resolution of this problem i made.

What do you think i will gain by doing this ? And by the way :

  16:30:30 < svenl> hi all.
  16:30:38 < svenl> I wonder who removed me from the kernel alioth team ?
  17:55:11 < svenl> waldi: do you know who removed me from the kernel
  alioth team ?
  17:57:44 < waldi> nope

No answer yet, and :

  18:34:33 < sgran> svenl was removed by an admin member of the
  kernel project team
  18:34:59 < sgran> I am not going to answer questions about who it was,
  that will need to be argued about on a different IRC channel
  18:49:33 < sgran> I have already /msg'ed the person responsible, and
  told them to let you know it was them
  18:49:47 < sgran> but they say they don't remember doing it

So the person who did it is perfectly aware of the problem, and could
have chosen to respond to this, but they chose not to.


Sven Luther

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