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Re: Another level of agression ?

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 01:03:29PM +0200, Joey Schulze wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> > > After some more pressure on IRC, your commit access has been restored.
> > 
> > It is not enough, i want the suspension revoked, since it was a stupid
> > decision, which has achieved nothing except worsen the situation, and
> > was taken contrary to the DAMs procedure, and in a shady and mysterious
> > way.
> Oh come on Sven!  This thread was about the accidential removal of your
> kernel team commit access.  It has been restored since them.  The problem
> is fixed.

The wider problem has been there since marsch last year or so, and it
was never fixed.

> Tell you what, if you continue trolling and ranting here, sooner or later
> your commit access will be removed *on purpose* with no way for you to get
> it back.  This is not a threat but a warning.

Yeah, right, is it so difficult to solve this as it should have been ?
Do you really believe there is any valid justification to having me
suspended for a year despite the 70:7 strong opposition of the DDs who
where asked to express themselves ? What did it gain, and what was the
reason that made the DAMs decide this way ? Appart that the expulsers
provided more hatefull and agressive quotes than the those opposing the
expulsion, and the DAMs chose to put them in value. 

Do you believe it was correct for the expulsers to ask for my expulsion
on the day after i proposed my DPL candidacy, while i had not posted a
single post on the debian lists for over a month ? And that the DAMs
chose to hide this for whatevr obscure reason ?

> We know that you're not happy with the situation, but continueing to
> bring it up will not solve it either.
> Please don't reply and work on important things instead.

Yeah, right, which is what i have been trying to do since over a year,
first i worked, and provided over 30 or so patches to d-i despite the
d-i access removal, just to get bashed in half the report by a clueless
frans who jumped on every little excuse to explode, and finally made
some under-hand manipulation with the ftp-masters to remove my upload
right of the .udebs. This is what i did when i wrote the wiki page :


and got FUCK YOU and "the biggest load of self-satisfied and
self-centered crap I've ever seen" from frans, and abuse from geert and
holger (which they removed in shame later on), and blackmail of joeyh in

This is what i did in february, organizing hardware for the debian
booth, passing time to prepare the ps3 debian install, on the ps3 that
geert uutyeroven had arranged, and geert stappers or holger found the
occasion to bash me when i once posted to the list by mistake while
searching for a TV set.

I did this while those hateful expulsers secretely where scheming to
restart the expulsion procedure, while on saturday evening the DAMs had
sent me a mail which got eaten by the debian.org mail greylisting or
whatever, and while i spoke to James Troup on sunday afternoon, after
having hold a discussion about the future possibilities of the kernel
developments, of which nobody from the d-i team assisted except holger,
who was forced to film, and frans passed by me without returning my
greeting afterward.

I did this while the expulsion process was underway and posted only few
select mails, and even was mostly silent for the week or two that
followed the end of the support mail period, waiting for the DAMs to
decide in frustration and trauma, while Frans started agressing me on
the lists again.

I was doing this when i discovered this latest case.

So, for me, now, in debian, the most important thing, is that this
continuous agression are stopped, that each party in this is blamed
accordying to their responsabilities, in a fair and equitable way, and
that the one-sided punishment are lifted, and that we are all allowed to
work on the parts of debian that we like and code all happily forever

Can you tell me a single reason why this should not happen ? Can you
tell me a single reason that justifies the DAMs decision to act as they
did, and which can be named without shame (i know that one reason of the
decision is the fact that the other party threatened to stop all d-i
related work if they didn't get their way, just as Joey Hess has written
on the wiki and that this would have caused a problem so near the etch
release, i also know that Joerg Jaspert (and others) heavily disliked
Anthony Towns, and thus it could justify the manipulation of the dates
of the expulsers mail, to make it appear as if this was Anthony's
action, but these are hardly noble reasons we can approve of, don't we) ?

Joey, if you see this kind of attitude in real life, while you really
stand by, and counsel the victim to support everything and be silent,
especially as you being a pillar of the community, can act to change it ? 

This is not some unnamed oppression by a state or power we have no
access too, this is unfairness, as Wouter so aptly names it, done by
Debian, and as thus approved by the tacit approval of every DD,
including yourself.

So, what will be done to solve this issue, or should it be left open
like a bleeding wound to fester and worsen so much longer ? Isn't it
time to solve this in a fair and human way, like it should have been
done last year ? And no, you cannot blame Anthony Towns for all the evil
this time around.


Sven Luther

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