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Re: Another level of agression ?

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 01:33:28PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Sven Luther (luther@debian.org) [070528 13:23]:
> > [...]
> Sven, this whole thread is about that your commit access to the kernel

This whole thread is about me being stopped from doing meaningful debian
technical contribution and punished for not being respectful enough to
frans and not meekly having bowed under the repeated punishment which
they have dealt to me in order to get me silenced.

> svn repro was revoked without anyone telling you. What then happened is
> that the alioth admins published that waldi revoked the access, waldi
> refused to comment to it, and was finally beaten by Ganneff and me to
> reenable your access. So, you see, two people jumped up to help you to
> get your access back, and were successful.

Sure, but it is an exact reproduction of what happened last year, when i
discovered after coming back to debian work after my mothers funeral,
that frans had revoked my d-i svn access.

> I can understand that you are annoyed/angry at waldi now, but please

No, i am not angry at Bastian. Bastian is a good guy, if a bit blunt in
his communication.

I am angry at Debian, who has handled me unfairly (to use a nice word
for it), and have left a select few go into a calumniation and
provocation campaign against looking the other way. I am angry at the
DAMs for having used the expulsion request in their private warfar
against Anthony Towns, i am angry at all DDs because nobody contested
the DAMs decision, and thus silently accepted another level of
escalation of something that if you think of it, you would never have
accepted in any RL condition.

> consider that some people in Debian did efforts to help you to have your
> access restored. (And BTW, I still think that waldi needs to send a
> public apology for removing your access - as far as I can see it, it
> really seems to me waldi shouldn't have admin access because his
> behaviour is not how any admin should behave. But please stop muddling
> everything together. Debian as a project is definitly not responsible
> for waldis bad behaviour - and there is no correlation between waldis
> bad behaviour and anything else, waldi is behaving bad to almost all and
> not only to you.)

No, Debian needs to send me a public apology for how it has handled me
since over a year, i have little hope that those who where the worst
agressors will ever have enough honour and dignity to recognize their
part of fault, but the debian project as a whole owes me an apology of
how i was handled, and Debian owes me a lifting of all the punishments
it has unfairly submitted to me.

You all know me, you all know what entusiast and time i devoted to
debian, and what i have achieved all over the almost 9 years since i
became DD. Everyone who meets me in RL will tell you that i am a nice
guy, always helpful and friendly. Is there any justification of the kind
of harrasment i have been under since over a year, and any excuse for
Debian allowing this to happen ? 


Sven Luther

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